Tableau Blanc Office building in Syngrou ave.

Tableau Blanc|Office building in Syngrou ave.

From the existing 70s building on Syngrou avenue, the only preserved element is the load-bearing structure, while the facades and the interior are being redesigned to accommodate new office spaces and commercial uses. Three main principles form the basis of the design approach: The first examines alternative ways of viewing the monotonous building fronts of Syngrou, the second informs an unconventional treatment of the building envelope, and the third focuses on the sustainability of the design. The building emerges on a narrative canvas where different streams of investigations related to the existing and the contemporary, the familiar and the unfamiliar, the artificial and the natural, converge stimulating sensations and emotions that correspond to the certain atmosphere of the moment.

Client: Development Company
Location: Athens, Greece
3D Visualization: Batis Studio
Design: 2020

Redesign of an existing office building in Sygrou ave.
Redesign, office building, syngrou, syngrou avenue, Potiropoulos+Partners, Athens