PROJECT X – Research, Education, Conference & Sports Centre of ELPEN SA

PROJECT X – Research, Education|Conference & Sports Centre of ELPEN SA

The point of departure for the design is predominantly informed by an extensive analysis of an integrated architectural program and parameters of local architecture and the design approach focuses on devising “architectural gestures” that re-interpret the concept of the building as the result of a system of collective experiences rather than emphasizing on its basic performative role. The programmatic mix of uses including the Research, Education, Conference clusters is further enhanced with the addition of the Sports Facilities to introduce a fresh approach towards programmatic variety in order to generate a contemporary mixed-used space where the occupants can work, organize venues, exercise and spend their free time.

Client: ELPEN SA
Location: Spata Business Area, Attica, Greece
3D Visualization: Batis Studio
Design: 2018-2020
Construction: 2019-