Glade House - Private Residence in Peania

Glade House - |Private Residence in Peania

An enduring archetype of residential typology worldwide is the patio; a place of memory and reverie. In suburban Attica, among clusters of trees and crops, the patio is substituted by the glade. For Heidegger, only a home in harmony with nature can provide humans with a true sense of “being-in-the-world”. We ought to build in the same way we cultivate, he noted, as the act of inhabiting is only possible in the countryside, rooted in the ground and collective memory. The building draws the first boundary, while the second comes from nature as a response. In-between them lies this open-air place that sets the spatial-topological canvas of the journey. Glade House divides, yet connects, and ultimately produces space – within it, the human exists in a continuous experiential present.

Client: Undisclosed
Location: Peania, Greece
3D Visualization: Batis Studio
Design: 2020