Teamwork is the underlying philosophy of our studio work, thus a mix of talented people with different perspectives and complementary skills, work and design together sharing knowledge and ideas. Our design process through parametric and building information modelling enhances the bonding between architecture, technology, fabrication and construction.

Given that our field of activity is directly dependent upon the human factor, the practice greatly emphasizes on creativity, skills and mobilization of personnel and staff in general. Human resources are the driving force in the effort of the studio for continuous progress and development, as its people shape the goals participating actively and effectively in their fulfilment. Highly educated, with expertise, skills and experience, our associates, partners and support staff are in position to cope with the demands of the latest technological and design trends in the best possible way.
Each project team aligns the process of design and delivery to suit individual client needs, and the practice puts a strong emphasis on managing effective communications between all parties throughout the project. Supporting all phases of design and construction documentation, from conceptual studies through the most detailed construction drawings and schedules, and up to day to day site inspection, our strong team ensures the fulfilment of each client’s aspirations delivering successfully designed, built and contracted projects.
Most of our projects break down into identifiable stages, each stage being seen as a two way creative process between architect and client. At the beginning of each project, the building programme, budget and time schedule are defined in accordance with the client’s agenda. As a result, the elaboration of the design is based upon these specific commitments.
Projects are usually elaborated in three distinctive design phases - preliminary design, design development, construction documents - followed by construction phase services. The first phase mainly focuses on the elaboration of the design «concept» through the presentation of alternative solutions which are thoroughly examined up to the final synthetic approach with 3D renderings and working models. Following this, the appointed design team processes the specific requirements of the project, while in each design phase, functional, morphological and construction issues are developed in detail. The project is worked up in technical detail, calculations are made, and elements like natural lighting, sustainability, fire safety, acoustics, landscaping, et al are being resolved. We present various materials and colour samples, and work to ensure the efficient ergonomics of the design.
Cutting edge software and hardware systems combined with building information modelling (BIM) enhance our competitiveness in an increasingly complex business climate by giving us the ability to better predict the outcome of a building before it’s built. It enables us to create sustainable, accurate designs with fewer errors and less waste, which can result in higher profits and more satisfied clients. And through the delivery of reliable, coordinated building information, BIM helps us collaborate with project team members easily and effectively.
During the construction phase, we work with the contractor to ensure that the quality of the construction meets the required specification. We take particular care when dealing with the day to day site issues to maintain the project’s design vision. This often involves the continuing close consultation with the client. Alternatively, Potiropoulos+Partners can undertake the construction management of the project, delivering it finished, with the «turn-key» design-build system.