Potiropoulos+Partners is consistently strengthening and expanding its range of architectural expertise across multiple sectors providing services at all scales and in all building typologies. Our aim is delivering great architecture and urban design, but we take that model to the next level with services like interior design and landscape architecture, identity design and masterplanning.

We offer the full service across all work stages, from preparation, design and pre-construction, to construction and use. In detail, our services stages include: Appraisal and Initial Brief | Data Collection and Survey | Feasibility Study | Final Project Brief | Concept Design | Developed Design | Planning Application | Technical Design | Tender Documentation | Contract Administration | Construction Site Inspection | Commissioning and Handover to Client.

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  • Architectural Design
    Potiropoulos+Partners is one of Greece’s most accomplished architecture firms, working across all major sectors and building types, both nationally and internationally. The scale and range of our experience and resources means we can meet the most demanding briefs. Over 25 years of experience and more than 45 industry accolades — including our nomination for the 2015 Mies Van der Rohe Awards – European Union Prize for Contemporary Architecture — are proof of our scale, quality and diversity. We have worked with varied clients ranging from individuals to corporations to city councils to developers. Keeping vision, creativity and reliability as three indisputable values, our primary purpose is to support our clients in every big or small step they may take, to provide them with modern and responsible solutions, even for the most complex needs; to assist in the realization of their visions.
  • Interior Design
    Our belief is that architecture should deliver a unified experience, from outside to inside. The quality of light, the selection of materials, the use of colour, and the assortment of furnishings and works of art are harmonized as part of the overall scheme; and each element involves the same process of investigation and sophistication as the building itself. Potiropoulos+Partners’ interiors are characterized by creative approach and sophisticated aesthetic sensibility. Discernible in each project is our attention to detail, emphasis on the use of natural materials, layering of texture and blend of colours. The results are handsomely conceived, detailed, and executed interiors with atmosphere, a sense of growth and inconspicuous elegance.
  • Landscape Design
    We believe that architecture and landscape should be complementary and that great design is a synthesis greater than the summation of its parts. Landscape architecture at Potiropoulos+Partners encompasses the design of landscapes at a variety of scales—from large, multi-functional sites to small, intimate spaces. The landform of each space is carefully molded to feel tranquilly grounded in its context and comfortable at all times. The design of an open space must address a wide range of interconnected factors and, to be successful, it must express the delicate balance among function, climate, style, budget and culture. Inventive research into materials, vegetation, lifestyles and landscape technologies combined with a deep understanding of how people use outdoor spaces enlightens our unique design process.
  • Architectural Identity Design
    Organizations use combinations of colors, design and words to make visual statements that reflect their identity and vision. Corporate Identity defines both how organizations look at themselves and how they want to be recognized by others. Our methodology of perception branding unifies a company’s core expressions through all architectural and landscape elements and establishes the strongest possible perception in the user’s mind. Potiropoulos+Partners offers a full range of architectural identity design services including visual identity, wayfinding signages, and environmental graphics for corporate offices, retail, hospitality, residential and lifestyle projects, up to petrol stations and national highways.
  • Planning
    We provide land planning and masterplanning services and our broad experience spans all areas of the planning system and all stages of the development process. We develop strategies to deliver intricate solutions for urban regeneration, masterplans and development frameworks. Our plans make sensitive use of landform, topography, natural resources, vegetation, buildings and infrastructure, resulting in more habitable and sustainable projects. This approach can foster new directions for the master planning of communities, civic and commercial districts, campuses, workplaces, tourist developments, waterfronts, recreation, and natural system restoration. We design them to be viable, commercially feasible and economically sustainable over the long-term, so they can deliver the benefits of their potential.
  • Urban Design
    Urban design at Potiropoulos+Partners involves the systematic layering of various cultural and natural systems in order to unravel design issues of the city. As with planning, we integrate sophisticated landscape architecture into our urban design work. Whether it’s a prominent urban quarter, high-density housing, heavily used public spaces, or decaying infrastructure, urban design requires a sophisticated understanding of integrating nature into dense urban environments. The multi-functional character of urban design is the key to its success.
  • Sustainable Design
    Our commitment to address environmental, social and economic challenges through design excellence is central to the practice ethos. We provide specialist consultancy services to advise our clients on the implementation of sustainable design from briefing and masterplanning to concept design, procurement and building management. Potiropoulos+Partners works meticulously in collaboration with many experts to achieve the best balance between constructed and natural systems and is fervent about attaining balance and beauty in both. Environmentalists, physicists, mechanical engineers, soil scientists, horticulturalists, and many others are engaged in intense consultations about how to integrate the best sustainable practices into designed buildings and landscapes. Ultimately, our proposals allow for straightforward and seemingly simple solutions that link the natural world and the human environment.
  • Renovation & Restoration
    The firm’s commissions in the fields of conservation, restoration, renovation and adaptive reuse vary widely in scope and scale, but the common thread is work on landmarked historic structures whose restoration and preservation require sensitivity towards contextual planning and design, as well as knowledge of historic materials and construction techniques and current conservation practice. Our staff of architects together with our specialist conservation consultants excel at working with clients to establish sensible, cost-effective approaches to restoration, helping to insure lasting work that is respectful of original fabric, but which takes advantage of modern advances in building technology and construction when appropriate.
  • Consulting & Project Management
    Our management expertise, enables us to deliver an integrated service to clients through the lifespan of a project – from conception, through erection to completion. Working with us means you’re more likely to obtain planning permission, benefit from a smooth construction procedure and receive an end product that maximises your portfolio value and delivers excellent post-occupancy performance. We can also provide an independent project-management service, helping clients to outline, organize, supervise and deliver a project promptly, within financial plan and to the utmost quality.