The oeuvre of Potiropoulos+Partners has been published extensively in both the greek and international press (printed and electronic) – respectively articles and interviews of Dimitris Potiropoulos and Liana Nella-Potiropoulou. In total, 285 references are found in the printed press (architectural press: 168 references, general press: 117 references) and approximately 9.600 references in the web. Among them, 22 references deal with the entirety of the studio’s work, from its establishment until today. The most circumstantial of these are:
«Potiropoulos D+L Architects», Monograph, «Potamos Editions», Athens 2008, ISBN: 978-960-6691-37-9, pages: 393. Prologue by Daniel Libeskind and Introduction by Prof. Dimitris Filippidis. The edition presents 40 selected buildings and projects of the firm covering the period 1989-2009.
 «Reflections on Greek Postwar Architecture», by Panayotis Tsakopoulos, «Kaleidoscope Editions», Athens, 2014, ISBN: 978-960-471-069-0, pages: 669. The author focuses on eighteen architects and architectural studios, among them Potiropoulos D+L Architects”, and attempts a general representation of the greek postwar architecture. The choice of the architects was based on “the unique signature that they have added to greek postwar architecture, their participation in the dominant trends of the period and their subsequent divergence – or not – from those trends”.

Buildings and projects of Potiropoulos+Partners have been presented in numerous greek and international exhibitions, the most significant of which are the following:

«The Dwelling in Greece from the 20th to the 21st century», New Benaki Museum, Athens, 23/01-15/03/2009

«Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Architectural Works», Patra, Greece, 2009

«The Shape of Space – 40 Years Architecture in Greece», New Benaki Museum, Athens, 2008

«The Scientific Work of Women Engineers», Athens, 2008

«Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Architectural Works», Patra, Greece, 2006

«Athens-Scape. The Olympics and the Metabolism of the City», RIBA Gallery, London, 05/2003

«Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Architectural Works», Patra, 2003

«International Architectural Exhibition», Belgrade, Serbia, 2000

«Pan-Hellenic Exhibition of Architectural Works», Patra, 2000

«Modern Landscapes – The Greek Architecture in the Decades of 1960 and 1990»,Thessaloniki, 2000 / Helsinki, Finland, 2000 / Barcelona, Spain, 1999 / Rotterdam, Holland, 1999

«B’ Biennale for Young Greek Architects», Athens, 1998

«Α’ Biennale for Young Greek Architects», Athens, 1996

«Modern Architecture on Historical Centers», Darmstadt, Germany, 1981